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"We have to make sure the [DSST] model of emphasizing the community and the individual spreads through Colorado. DSST is having results better than we dared to imagine."
- Lt. Gov., Barbara O'Brien

The DSST: GVR Campus is a public DPS charter school. Charter schools are public schools that are tuition-free and are held accountable to meeting DPS performance expectations.  By law, charter schools use non-discriminatory enrollment practices and do not have any admissions requirements (like grade point average, placement tests, or previous CSAP scores).  Like all charter schools, DSST GVR Campus will have a lottery to determine admissions if there are more student applicants applying than there are openings.Click here to go to the application page. The lottery application for the 2011-12 school year will be available on October 11, 2010.

This program is modeled closely after the Denver School of Science and Technology's first middle school in Stapleton which was the highest performing middle school in Denver Public Schools last year.  The DSST: GVR campus will have a college preparatory focus and an emphasis on developing core liberal arts skills (reading, writing, mathematics) with a focus on the life and health sciences. This program will prepare students for the rigorous high school program at DSST: GVR Campus, acceptance to a four year college, and a future professional career in the health and life sciences if a student chooses.
Students will succeed through a highly structured classroom and school environment with clear academic expectations and values-centered school community. The core values – respect, responsibility, curiosity, courage, integrity and doing your best – form the heart of DSST: GVR Campus community. The DSST: GVR Campus is committed to maintaining high academic and behavioral standards and holding students accountable to meeting those standards. At the same time, the DSST: GVR Campus will provide each student with the support and care they need to fulfill those standards.

DSST is grateful to have the opportunity to serve students and families in Northeast Denver. 

DSST: GVR Campus is committed to serving students from racial, economic, and learning backgrounds.  We encourage any students to apply for admission through our lottery. DSST: GVR Campus values diversity. The school seeks to create a student body that embraces cultural, racial and economic diversity. We believe that students and families greatly benefit from attending a diverse school.  It prepares our students to effectively work and live in our 21st century diverse America and ultimately allows them to become our city, state and national leaders of the future. In short, student diversity is a core part of the DSST: GVR Campus. We will have a diverse student population where approximately 50 percent of our students are from low income families as defined by the federal free and reduced lunch program.


Our Location:

4800 Telluride St. Building 3

Denver, CO 80249